Survey on the necessary competences of person with ASD for their labor inclusion

The survey is designed to obtain information about which are the competencies that ASD people lack in the workplace and, on the opposite, which are those they have.

Quantitative and qualitative data will be obtained from each country member of the consortium and a comparative analysis will be conducted between them.

Despite having partners in the project, such as Autismo España and NAS that have specific information about the inclusion of ASD people in general, a survey on labor competences to acquire to improve the inclusion is not been realized and less at European level.

The survey will have several objectives:

  1. Specify the basic competences of ASD in the workplace.
  2. Carry out a comparative study among the different countries in terms of inclusion level of ASD people in the special employment centers and in the regular labor market and which are the professional profiles more occupied by them.
  3. Collect ideas and needs of socio-educational professionals in contact with the vocational training and labor partner of the ASD, on one hand, and employers of companies sensitized with the fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility through the labor inclusion of disadvantaged groups, on the other.
  4. Detect and gather everything that can contribute to the open educational resources of training and guidance for the labour inclusion of ASD.