Multiplier events

The multiplier events will be organised to:

  • Inform as many agents as possible about the project, its objectives, its results and the final products to be developed.
  • Promote the objectives, design and development of the open resource guide for the inclusion of ASD among all those involved in the intervention with ASD, representatives of socio-educational services, occupational training and socio-labour insertion and collect feedback that are useful for the evaluation of these in the future.
  • Report on the results of the open exchange sessions and the use of educational material and guidelines to promote the recruitment of ASD person.

Dissemination activities

Dissemination activities aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the project, its results and the final products to be developed among ASD people, employers, HR managers and society as a whole.
  • Disseminate CPT methodology and to show the possibilities of application of THE MODEL OF "CULTURAL CPT" PEDAGOGICAL THEATER TO APPLY IN ADULT TRAINING for any type of learning group (especially adults) in adult training centers, including companies with in-house trainers, training plans, innovative methodology and new training perspectives for the training of professionals in good practices.