TP-Theatre Methodology

"CPT" Cultural Pedagogical Tool is an educational way to reach and enhance the audience's knowledge and innovative capability. The essence is to make the audience an active and decisive role in the performances within "IDT" Interactive Design Theatre, "IFT" Interactive Form Theatre and "ISW" Interactive Script Writing.

The Method Cultural Pedagogical Theatre (CPT)


The Interactive Theatre created by the team of TPT partner, is a method with the help of which social issues and problems are raised and discussed.

This method has three components:

         Interactive Form  Theater in (IFT);

         Interactive Design Theater (IDT) and

         Interactive Script Writing (ISW)

or in short: IFT IDT and ISW

In this section you can find the links to the movie presenting the CPT Method. For your convenience the movie is supported with subtitles into English, Bulgarian, Italian and Spanish languages:

a) English version:
b) Bulgarian subtitles:

c) Italian subtitles:

d) Spanish subtitles: